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An overview of our training offering for business and IT professionals, for internal controllers, risk managers and auditors, or management representatives.

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Business Process Modelling for Auditors  I Practice signractice


Control and audit functions require a full understanding of the business process context...

Internal audit * Foundations & I Practice signractice

***New Version***

As an internal auditor, you aim to take ownership of an audit process that is easy to use and transposable into your business environment.

Agile internal auditing I Insight sign𝒾𝓃sight


Understand why and how Agile Auditing can be applied in your organisation.

Internal control framework COSO 2013 I Insight sign𝒾𝓃sight

For more than 20 years, the COSO has been a key reference in the field of internal control worldwide.

Audit recommendation follow-up ⦿𝒾𝓃sight

As required by the Performance Standard of IIA's International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, ...

Building an audit plan ⦿𝒾𝓃sight

According to the IPPF (International Professional Practices Framework) standard on ‘Planning’, “The chief audit executive must establish an audit plan ...

Audit tools and techniques * ℗ractice

As an internal auditor, you want to gain efficiency, relevance and reliability in the development of your audit evidence.

Audit of  User Developed Applications ⦿𝒾𝓃sight

Every year billions are spent worldwide on new (versions of) application systems.

NIST Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp ⊛ Certification

Quickly master the NIST CSF and implement and maintain your cybersecurity framework.

Audit of business processes and applications combined * ℗ractice

Digitisation has accelerated the automation of business processes.

Auditing outsourcing risk ⦿𝒾𝓃sight

The outsourcing of certain business processes has become unavoidable in today's information society.

Introduction to IT audit ⦿𝒾𝓃sight

To be successful as an audit professional in any sector, you must be able to follow and understand the changes in the world of information technology.

COBIT 2019 Foundation with I Certifying sign certification exam

COBIT® is an IT practice framework developed by ISACA since 1996. COBIT 2019 is designed to continuously evolve to address new and ever-changing technologies and challenges that businesses encounter today and into the future.

COBIT 2019 for auditors ⦿𝒾𝓃sight

As an IT auditor, you know better than anyone else the importance of sound IT governance and digital innovation

COBIT 2019 Bridge ⊛ Certification


COBIT® 2019 is an evolution of the previous version, COBIT® 5, building on its solid foundation by adding the latest developments affecting ...

COBIT 2019 Design & Implementation ⊛ Certification


This Design and Implementation course is intended for more experienced users to COBIT® who are interested in designing governance systems and running governance improvement programs.

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) ⊛

Since 1978, the ISACA® Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) program has been the globally accepted standard of achievement among ...

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) ⊛

CISM defines the core competencies and international standards of performance that information security managers are expected to master. ...

ISO 27001 Information Security ⦿𝒾𝓃sight

Information and security are vital for every organisation. But whether the information is stored electronically or printed on paper, ...

Mastering privacy regulation (GDPR) ⦿𝒾𝓃sight

A major challenge facing business risk management today is protecting personal data, such as customer identification files ...

Managing privacy risks (GDPR) ℗ractice

A major challenge facing business risk management today is protecting personal data, such as customer identification files ...