IS60 ● NIST Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp I Certifying sign Certification

Quickly master the NIST CSF and implement and maintain your cybersecurity framework. This accredited training course and exam is performed in only 4 days.

This four-day certification bootcamp provides a detailed plan for designing and building a cybersecurity program based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and its control families (20 Critical Controls, ISO 27002, etc.). The boot camp is based on the NCSF-CFM Foundation and Practitioner certification training programs. The one-day NCSF-CFM Foundation program teaches the fundamentals of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the UMass Lowell Controls Factory™ Model. The three-day NCSF-CFM Practitioner program teaches the advanced skills necessary to engineer, operate and manage the business risk of a NIST Cybersecurity Framework program.


Outcomes and benefits from this class is a practical approach that students can use to build and maintain comprehensive cybersecurity and cyber-risk management programs.

The first day training course outlines the challenges surrounding critical infrastructure sector security and explains how implementing a security program based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework can help organizations mitigate these issues. The three following days of the session teaches individuals how to design, build, test, manage and improve a NIST Cybersecurity Framework cybersecurity program.

The class will include lectures, informative supplemental reference materials, quizzes, exercises and tests.


Welcome & Introduction
Module 1: Course introduction
Module 2: Today's digital economy
Module 3: Understanding cyber risks
Module 4: The NIST cybersecurity framemworks fundamentals
Module 5: Core functions, categories and subcategories
Module 6: Implementation tiers
Module 7: Developing framework profiles
Module 8: Cybersecurity improvement in 7 steps
Module 9: NCSF Controls Factory Model
Module 10: Framing the Problem
Module 11: The Controls Factory Model
Module 12: The Threats and Vulnerabilities
Module 13: Digital Assets, Identities and Business Impact
Module 14: The NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Module 15: Technology Program Design and Build
Module 16: The Security Operations Center (SOC)
Module 17: Technology Program Testing and Assurance
Module 18: Business Program Design and Build
Module 19: Cyber Workforce Skills Development
Module 20: Cyber-Risk Management Program
Module 21: Cybersecurity Program Assessment
Module 22: Cyber-Risk Program Assessement
Exam preparation

Target audience

The session NCSP Bootcamp (4 Days) is mainly aimed at IT and Business professionals who will play an active role in the design and management of an NCSF program.


There are no prerequisites for this course, although basic Security knowledge will be helpful...


Alain Bonneaud, Expert in IT governance, transformation and security.


The bootcamp training lasts 4 days.


The price amounts to 2.950 Euro, VAT exclusive.


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General information

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  • Continuing Professional Education: 28 CPE hours.
  • Course level: This course corresponds to level 2 "Understanding" on the 6 level scale of Bloom's taxonomy, a hierarchy used to classify educational levels.
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