IT Governance coachingIntroduction

Through a practical approach to coaching, you actively develop your knowledge of IT management and governance and you gain a better understanding of the work methodology recommended by COBIT.

Inspired by COBIT 2019, promote, improve and strengthen IT governance by implementing a continuous improvement process focused and based on the application of a set of simple, effective and pragmatic good practices, adapted to the context of your organisation.

Typical assignment

S ITGOV ToolkitThe activities described below are the different steps within the coaching process, applied to the IT Governance environment:

  1. Understand the context and strategy of the organisation;

  2. Define an initial scope / plan;

  3. Assess the current situation through a review of information systems, policies and procedures;

  4. Define and suggest pragmatic recommendations adapted to the specific context of the organisation;

  5. Establish a roadmap for the management of these recommendations;

  6. Provide support to the implementation of the roadmap.

Action domains

IT practices are structured according to COBIT into 5 objective domains, presented below

IT Governance  Govern Determination of the decision-making mechanisms for the investment portfolio and the allocation of financial, human and technological resources. Establishing risk appetite.
IT Governance Plan Plan Determination of IT management processes and establishment of roles and responsibilities. Definition of technology strategy, budgets and roadmap. Development of policies and related procedures.
S ITGOV Build Build Organisation of the life cycle of IT solutions based on the definition of business requirements, selection of the appropriate solution and its implementation, acceptance by the business and operational deployment.
S ITGOV Run Run Management of information systems, fulfilment of business requests, resolution of incidents, establishment of business continuity and implementation of information and system security.
S ITGOV Monitor Monitor Performance management, implementation of the internal control system to mitigate risks, assurance initiatives to comply with laws, regulations and internal policies, and execution of an independent evaluation.

Governance certification

COBIT 2019 certificationThe « COBIT 2019 Foundation Certificate » attests to the understanding of the COBIT framework, its concepts, principles and terminology, as well as to the holders' competence in designing an appropriate governance system that maximizes the value of corporate IT investments.

Video presentation

How to right-size your Governance of Enterprise Information and Technology ?


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