Yves Goossens

Yves Goossens

Yves Goossens has years of experience in the field of IT, both in managing an IT department and in various IT disciplines.

Since the beginning of his career, Yves has been active in the development of information systems and the improvement of IT processes. Over the past 20 years, within the Belgian Guarantee Fund, he has been involved in the coordination of large business automation projects and in the implementation of a better management of information systems. For several years now, his assignment has been to manage the IT department.

In 2019, he obtained the "COBIT 2019 Foundation" certificate, which allows him to master the latest developments in the field of good management and governance of information systems within companies.

With his skills in the field of IT governance and his experience as an IT manager, Yves offers to assist IT managers who wish to implement or improve IT governance.. Discover his IT Governance coaching services.S ITGOV AtYourFingertips

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