L IIA TheCAEClubPatrick Soenen facilitates a cybersecurity session at the CAE club of IIA Belgium.

CAE CLUB purpose

Chief Audit Executives face particular challenges. Many of them have expressed the wish to meet on a more regular basis in a dedicated setting to network and discuss on specific issues. This is exactly what the Club is all about.

On a number of occasions throughout the year the CAE's will have the opportunity to discuss with their peers exactly these particular issues that are part of the portfolio of an internal audit leader.

The CAE's are the Club and they decide what will be on the program.

5th May meeting

 The 2nd meeting of 2020 will be devoted to Cybersecurity.  How can we provide assurance on this top risk? How can we find, attract or train qualified people?

This session will be facilitated by Patrick Soenen through a Zoom videoconference.L Zoom

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