Technological developments and regulatory pressure are raising the bar to the next level in domains such as audit, data & analytics and compliance. KPMG provides in-depth and proven expertise, from helping companies evaluate their current state to defining strategies up to implementing solutions that deliver concrete results. By keeping pace with technology and taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities offered by technological innovation, KPMG is aware of the risks involved and the Board’s responsibility to control these risks.KPMG

Several Technology Advisors and Assurance Providers at KPMG Belgium followed the COBIT 2019 Foundation training, and subsequently the COBIT 2019 Design & Implementation training, delivered on premises by Qualified Audit Academy.   Since many years, KPMG has been applying the Enterprise Governance Information Technology practices and COBIT 2019 brings it a further step forward.

According to KPMG, COBIT 2019 helps ensure the development of clear policies and best practices for IT control throughout the organisation, with a focus on regulatory compliance. COBIT also helps organisations increase the value realised from information technology, thereby contributing to the achievement of business and operational objectives.

COBIT 2019 updates the framework by addressing new trends, technologies and security needs. The framework always fits perfectly with other IT management frameworks such as ITIL, CMMI and TOGAF, making it an excellent option as a general framework for unifying processes across an organisation.

COBIT 2019 DesignCOBIT 2019 Foundation

New concepts and terminology have been introduced in the COBIT Core Model, which includes 40 governance and management objectives for establishing a governance program. The performance management system now allows more flexibility when using maturity and capability measurements. Overall, the framework is designed to give businesses greater flexibility when customising an IT governance strategy.

The Design toolkit and related publication offers in-depth guidance for developing a unique governance system tailored to the needs of the organisation.