agile auditingAgility is disrupting the way that organisations operate. It’s more than an alternative to their traditional ways of doing things, as it’s a state of mind. Agility is a response to the emergence of an information-based society and the structural changes driven by globalisation, rapidly changing regulations and shrinking budgets. It’s a trend and an innovative way to successfully manage an audit.

Internal auditing is a strategic area for businesses, and it’s one where agility is a key factor. Nowadays, an auditor must be cautious well in advance, in order to react quickly to any risks resulting from technological and regulatory changes. Risk management should be the focus of the second line of defence.

Setting up an agile internal audit requires a systematic and disciplined methodology, based on flexibility and an iterative approach. This is suitable for large organisations, where the decision-making process includes many steps, and for smaller organisations where relatively limited audit resources will be devoted to activities that result in emerging risks.

Monique Garsoux, co-founder of QAA, offers you a training course that is unique on the market and taught in English, ‘Agile Internal Auditing’. During this course, Monique will guide you so that you acquire a better understanding of this innovative process for your company. You will learn how to accelerate audit cycles, using the SCRUM methodology, to respond more quickly and efficiently to the needs of management, as well as to optimise the performance of audit assignments and the proposal of practical tracks for improvement.

This training is virtual… so it’s more versatile and flexible, just like agile internal audits!

Monique has proven experience in optimising internal audit procedures, experience she has gained over more than 20 years. Register right now for this training! Agile internal audits are an absolutely essential part of your training path. Would you like to find out more about the course on ‘Agile Internal Auditing’? Monique Garsoux gave a presentation on this course at the annual conference ‘Audit Masters’.

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