RTBF Media SquareThe future Media Square building will house RTBF's studios and journalists. This project that is part of a larger project, called Media Park, covers an area of 20 hectares with housing, relaxation areas open to the public, etc... "Media Square will be an open, dynamic, flexible and modular building, because the only certainty in our sector is... uncertainty. The ergonomic, convivial and bright environment will encourage exchanges, collaborative work and creativity. " declared Jean-Paul Philippot.


Patrick Soenenqualified audit academy risk management introduced the project team to risk management through practical group sessions. After a theoretical introduction devoted to the basic concepts and risk principles, the risk management methodology was applied to the context of the Media Square project through practical exercises in groups of 3 to 4 people.

Major risks were identified in a first session, which were then assessed as a second exercise. The final third session defined global risk responses.  This workshop allowed to establish an initial risk register.