On Tuesday 22 September, DPO-proDPOpro, together with the Belgian branch of the AFCDP, made a new start as the Professional Association of Data Protection Officers in Belgium, with the support of the FEB.

"Our renewed association will promote the exchange of knowledge and experience. We want to be the voice of the privacy professionals at the Data Protection Authority. In this way we represent everyone who, in all sectors, both public and private, is responsible for the implementation of the GDPR", says Koenraad Flamant, chairman of DPO-pro.

David Steven, President of the Data Protection Authority, fully supports this new initiative: "I am pleased to see that privacy professionals are organising, further professionalising and collaborating in organisations such as the renewed DPO-Pro. For the GBA, the Data Protection Officers (DPOs) are an ally, an ambassador to help make the GBA's mission in the field a reality. Their expertise and independence are crucial, as also emphasised in the recent ruling of our Dispute Chamber on this matter".

The first activity of the Belgian Association for Data Protection Officers was a debate on the consequences of the Schrems II judgment and the end of the Privacy Shield, which took place before the General Assembly.  The full programme of our seminars (webinars), conferences and other activities can be found on our website: www.dpopro.be.

Become a member

Individual annual membership amounts to 195 € and you can join till end of 2020 for only 100€ (the price of 2 events)

New board from 2020 till 2022

 A new board has been elected :

  • Koenraad Flamant, President
  • Bruno Lambotte, Vice-President
  • Patrick Soenen, Secretary General
  • Anna Luniewski, Treasurer
  • Philippe Costard
  • Florence de Villenfagne
  • Anneleen Dammekens (FEB)
  • Dominique Pissoort
  • Nathalie Ragheno (FEB)


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