At the bi-monthly IT and security workgroup meeting of Santhea, Patrick Soenen has presented the new ISO 27701 standard on privacy management!

Santhea is an employers' federation of Walloon and Brussels health care institutions, from the public sector as well as from the non-confessional and non-commercial private sector.Santhea

The IT and security working group brings together IT, DPO and security managers to share presentations on current topics related to data protection in the healthcare sector. Topics such as cybersecurity, GDPR and privacy, NIS legislation, security tools are presented and allow participants to exchange views on these topics.


The protection of personal data and more particularly health data is a recurring topic in view of the application of the GDPR regulation. The ISO 27701 standard on the implementation of a privacy management system provides a framework for the establishment of privacy protection measures. In addition, it provides organisations with a certification tool. Philippe Costard, security advisor at Santhea, invited him to present the ISO 27701 standard to the working group. Discover also the article dedicated to this standard.